Spanish II: FAQ’s & How the Class Works

Welcome to Spanish II. Check out the FAQ’s and the Spanish II Overview. 

What materials and texts are used?

We use authentic videos and readings from Spanish speaking countries with simple, Novice level tasks. WE DO NOT HAVE A TEXT BOOK. The life line of each unit is the MASTER LIST of vocabulary, verbs, content, and grammar. See a MASTER LIST – Unidad 3B Vocabulary Master List.  The Master Lists are uploaded in to DAILY LESSONS. Daily Lessons are under the Daily Lessons & Assignments Tab.

Teacher-created readings, stories, and videos customized to Spanish II students are also used to introduce new content and language structures. is the warehouse of all of our class materials. Any internet enabled electronic device may access it at any time. I update it constantly so the site is current. The Assignments, Tests, & Daily Lessons is the Go To Place. 

How much Spanish is used in class?

A ton. I do use immersion techniques– not full-on, native-paced speech immersion- but simple Spanish for 90% of the class as mandated by CMS and the state.  Most students understand 80-95% of what I say. All students should understand 100% of the content, vocabulary, and grammar explicitly taught in a class. There are visuals used and posted constantly. Directions are given in English the first 5 minutes or class and I close class for the last 5 minutes in English for understanding.

What is the Homework?

I assign independent homework choices called “Pick 3! or Escoge 3! Students typically have 2-3 weeks to choose 3 assignments out of 5-7 choices. Here is a Pick 3!  SP 2 UN 3AB Pick 3.  Pick Three is always posted at the top of the Assignments, Tests, & Daily Lessons tab.

How is Homework graded?

Informally– or for a total grade weight of 30% of the students total grade. Pick 3! is typically worth 90 informal points, or 3 assignments of 30 points each. Pick 3! is evaluated for: effort and punctuality and FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS (a real challenge for some students).  There is no way to rush these mini-projects for full credit.

What are the Tests Like?

There is a CMS wide Quarter Test at the end of each quarter that evaluates Spanish Proficiency of the 4 skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. They are separate sub-tests. Speaking and Writing are graded with CMS mandated PALS rubrics. These are more holistic and evaluate communication.

Unit Vocabulary Tests. They test a student’s retention of vocabulary in a unit. Most are fill in the blank of Spanish sentences so SPANISH SPELLING COUNTS. Get a small white board and some dry erase markers for writing and spelling practice. They tend to have 40-50 FORMAL POINTS. 

Unit Grammar Tests. They test a student’s grasp of that unit’s grammar and the grammar from before and even Spanish I. Spanish grammar affects communicating tremendously. And like math– all of the grammar skills build on each other sequentially into a pyramid. To communicate clearly learners have to use the grammar with overall accuracy. They tend to have 40-50 FORMAL POINTS. 

What about quizzes?

There are both announced and UNANNOUNCED quizzes and assessments. They are INFORMAL.  The unannounced quiz is by far the most effective way to assess a student’s current knowledge, focus, and attention. It is the only way for both the student and I to know what Spanish is in that student’s head that moment.  They can and will be given at any time.

How about projects?

Time allowing I love, love projects! I try to fit them in for both informal and formal grades when possible.

How can I study to be successful?

I avoid the word study. You can’t cram for a foreign language. It is an experiential, performance skill much like a sport, PE, riding a bike, swimming, or singing in the choir. The more you participate during class the more vital rehearsal you will have. Review current vocabulary and grammar for 15 minutes a night. Do your Pick 3! assignments. Go to and watch the videos on grammar. Here are some great sites:

  1. Best thing here are the tests. Do them. Make your own vocabulary sets.
  2. See the simple, but detailed grammar explanations. Do the quizzes.
  3. See me for the log in. Do the verb conjugating games.
  4. See me for the log in. Do as much of current material as you can.
  5. See me for the log in. Search for my page of activities: Sra. Fortin

What about class participation?

This is huge. Do a lot of it. And- get Speaking Credit Stamps on your Participation Board. Here is one:  SP 2 class particpation grid. Participation Boards are always uploaded on the Assignments, Tests, & Daily Lessons tab. They are worth 90 INFORMAL POINTS every 3-4 weeks.

When do you give tutoring?

As per AK mandate, I’m available every morning from 6:50 until 7:20 and then after school until 3 pm.