Spanish 2 Content and Assessment & Grading Guidelines

 Las Unidades de Español II.  Spanish II Units

Welcome to Spanish II! Spanish II picks up where Spanish I left off.  You’ll be learning a lot more about the way Spanish works and practical, every day vocabulary and phrases.

The most important thing of all is speaking as much Spanish as you can! Class time will concentrate on speaking and communicating in Spanish.

Important Documents

Spanish 2 Syllabus 2015-16

AK 2015-2016 Grading PolicyImportant! See the new CMS grading scale changes and the current Ardrey Kell ASSESSMENT POLICIES. 

See the Spanish II Syllabus.

Units of Study

  • Review– Classroom survival phrases, the Spanish sound system, exchanging personal information, question words, and school supplies in context
  • Unit I- It’s My Life– entertainment, work and professions, my home and household duties
  • TBA

Language Structures

Students will be exposed to a wide variety of Spanish language structures presented by Sra. Fortin and other audio-visual and reading materials. The following will be assessed and evaluated according to the CMS guidelines.

  • All present indicative verb forms used with high frequency in practical conversation
  • the past preterite verb tense- regular and irregular verbs
  • Adjective agreement
  • All personal and object pronouns
  • comparisons
  • all types of articles



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