Midterm Review for Quarter 3- Listening and Grammar

Create your own Study Guide for all of Unit 3- LLevar una vida sana. This is a mandatory academic skill, and especially for college. Check this post later for more guide lines. See your Master Lists for all vocabulary and grammar.


Verbs: present tense, preterite (past) tense of regular a IR, HACER, SER, present and past tense of reflexive verbs, Gustar, Doler

Direct Object Pronouns, Possessives, Formal Commands and Informal Commands- regular and irregular verbs, Adjective-Participles on Master List CD.

Grammar Practice

Big Grammar Packet


On-Line Practice and Games

Studyspanish.com – great explanations

spanishspanish.com. Games and activities. See me for my login information.

Quia.com. Games and activities. Sear for Señora Fortin.

Conjuguemos. Best verb conjugation practice.





Listening Practice

La Gripe– Video desde España